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Free digital workshops for the seafood industry—with additional ‘clinic’ time for personalised advice—start on Friday 22 May. The workshops will offer fishermen, merchants, fishmongers, fishing family members, and processors the chance to establish a strong social media presence.

Designed to help seafood businesses market their catch and products, two workshops will run:

  • a beginners session for those starting from scratch, and
  • a more advanced session for individuals or businesses looking to boost impact.

Seafish, the public body that supports the £10bn UK seafood industry, is partnering up with Mindfully Wired Communications to host the free social media workshops. The training aims to enhance direct sales of UK seafood to consumers, which has grown during the current pandemic.

Aoife Martin, Director of Operations at Seafish said: “Since the start of lockdown, we’ve seen the seafood industry be incredibly adaptable in its approach to marketing catch – making sure households across the UK can continue to buy seafood from merchants, fishmongers and on occasion direct from the boat.

“This training is designed to support anyone looking to either get started with selling more directly to the public, or for those who are already set-up with a social media presence but want to know how to get the most out of it – or make posting less of a burden.

“The sessions are free to anyone connected with the seafood industry across the UK – I’d encourage anyone with questions about how to make the most of social media as a free marketing tool, to sign-up.”

For those new to social media, the Social Media for Beginners: Getting Started with Online Marketing workshop on Friday 22 May will offer training on setting up and using accounts, creating professional content, connecting with customers and building followers.

Anyone who already has a good grasp of the basics, or who attended the previous session, is welcome to join the Social Media Marketing: Tools to Boost your Online Impact workshop on Thursday 28 May. This will provide more detailed training, including how to schedule posts and broaden your online presence.

Each workshop will last 45 minutes and be followed by an interactive question and answer session during which attendees may address any specific queries they have in a clinic-style format. Spaces are limited to 25 per workshop and those wishing to attend are asked to sign up in advance. A waiting list will be available, with the possibility that events will be repeated if interest is strong.

Sign up to ‘Getting started with online marketing’ here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/social-media-for-beginners-getting-started-with-online-marketing-tickets-105369922274

Sign up to ‘Tools to boost your online impact’ here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/social-media-marketing-tools-to-boost-your-online-impact-tickets-105387067556

For further information and resources to support on selling directly to consumers visit: https://seafish.org/article/selling-directly-to-consumers


Photo Credit: Nina Constable