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Peterhead’s bustling harbour will provide the backdrop for a new north-east food and drink event,
SeaFest Peterhead, which is set to take place later this autumn.

The one-day festival celebrating the region’s seafood sector will take place on Saturday September 9
from 11am to 4pm and organisers are already hailing the new addition as a date for the town’s social

Free to attend, the inaugural family-friendly event at Seagate will celebrate the bounty of the sea
at this fantastic extravaganza that will highlight the rich fishing heritage of Peterhead, Europe’s
largest white fishing port.

A seafood market will give attendees the chance to sample and purchase some of the finest produce
in Aberdeenshire while live cooking demonstrations will see top local talent cook up a storm with
quality seafood. Live music and children’s activities will keep the whole family entertained and
educational exhibits will inspire festivalgoers to deep dive into the history of this long-standing

Other food and drink producers will also showcase their offerings on the day.
Everyone from seafood enthusiasts to families and tourists alike are invited to join in the culinary
celebrations at the quayside.

Highlights of SeaFest Peterhead 2023 include:

* Seafood Market: A bustling marketplace along the quayside at Seagate will offer a wide
array of seafood products including freshly caught fish, shellfish and other seafood
delicacies. Local suppliers will showcase the finest catch and provide opportunities for
visitors to purchase and sample a variety of goods.

* Live Cooking Demonstrations: Chefs and culinary experts will deliver interactive
cooking demonstrations, sharing their expertise and techniques to prepare mouthwatering
seafood dishes. Local hospitality students will be invited to showcase their talents using local
produce and skills learned at the Academy. Visitors will learn tips and tricks to enhance their
culinary skills and discover new recipes.

* Seafood Tastings: Local vendors will present an enticing selection of dishes for visitors to
sample and savour, with the aim of showcasing produce landed at Peterhead Harbour. From
classic fish and chips to gourmet seafood creations, there will be something to suit

* Educational Exhibits: Engaging displays will offer insights into the sustainable fishing
practices employed by local fishermen as well as celebrate strong fishing heritage. Experts
will provide educational sessions on responsible seafood consumption, highlighting the
importance of making informed choices. On-site exhibits will explore the past and the
generations that have come before.

* Entertainment and Children’s Activities: Live music performances and family-friendly
activities will create a vibrant atmosphere. Visitors will be amused while immersing
themselves in local culture and traditions. Interactive games, educational activities and
entertainment suitable for young visitors aims to inspire their interest in seafood, fishing and
marine conservation.

* Food and Beverage Stalls: Various local producers will provide options for different
preferences and will showcase their artisanal products.

SeaFest Peterhead will be delivered by businesses and groups within the Peterhead community and

Jimmy Buchan, managing director of local firm Amity Fish Company and chairman of the SeaFest
Peterhead steering group is delighted to be working with ambassadors of the seafood community to
bring the event to the masses.

He said: “Our seafood is renowned worldwide and having SeaFest Peterhead on the quayside of
Peterhead Harbour is an opportunity to showcase what we do from sea to plate.

“SeaFest will put a spotlight on every element of the sector from the fishermen fishing to processing,
supply chain and hospitality. It will highlight the skills and passion that has made Peterhead famous
for its fish.”

“The longer-term view is that SeaFest will become an annual event that showcases our longstanding
heritage, while inspiring the children of today to get involved in the industry and understand the
future of this sustainable food chain.”

SeaFest Peterhead is committed to promoting sustainability and responsible fishing practices and
will educate visitors about the importance of preserving the oceans and ensuring the future of
seafood resources.

The event has already garnered many local sponsors including Seafood Scotland, Peterhead Port
Authority, Aberdeenshire Council, Seafish and more.