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The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport has been advised that a hydrographic survey company will conduct a marine route survey for a proposed new submarine communications cable between Ireland and Iceland.

The survey is due to take place from Thursday 10th September and will be completed by early November 2020.

Details of the operation are as follows:

  •  24/7 cable route survey operations including the stern deployment of a sonar towfish tethered with steel cable at varying water depths to collect geophysical/bathymetric mapping data for a proposed undersea telecommunications cable.
  • The towfish towing wire layback will be 3x water depth behind the vessel stern.
  • The maximum water depth of tow operations will be 1500 meters.
  • The sonar sensor will be towed approximately 20-40 meters from the seafloor.
  • Operations in water depths greater than 1500 meters will utilize hull-mounted equipment only.
  • Total length of the survey route from 15m WD within Ireland TS and through to the boundary of Ireland EEZ with the High Seas, is approximately 540 kilometres.

The survey will be completed using the RV Ridley Thomas callsign (V7JK2) Research Vessel. The vessel will be restricted in its ability to manoeuvre. All vessels and fishing activity requested to maintain a 1 nautical mile (1 NM) closest point of approach.

Please contact Jim McMahon at jim@mdmeng.ie, telephone +353 (0)1 8536500 for all fisheries-related queries.

The R/V RIDLEY THOMAS will survey within the Irish TS, Irish CZ and Irish EEZ along the survey centreline of the route.

Coordinates of major boundaries along the survey route, together with estimated dates at which the vessel is likely to be in position can be found in the full Marine Notice by clicking here