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Ireland’s premier Marine Electronics Company, Barry Electronics Ltd, is looking forward to another busy year, according to one of its owners, John Cormack. Since the company’s foundation in 1979, it has been the driving force in Irish Marine Electronics. Over the last 40 years Barry Electronics has been working from its main office in Killybegs to provide support to its customer base all over the island of Ireland and beyond.

The last 12 months have been a strange time for everyone and this has been no different for Barry Electronics, according to John. Service and installations have required much more thought and planning than ever before. Combined with this, strict protocols had to be introduced in the office and on board customer boats to best protect both crew and Engineers.

Thankfully, the company has a healthy program of work in the short and medium term, a very busy summer and autumn is coming up for all staff. A number of major projects, which have been the subject of a lot of planning over the last 18 months, are gradually coming together. Outside the country, Barry Electronics Ltd are delighted to be back in various European shipyards, including Karstensen Shipyard on the new Antarctic, Vastvaerftet Shipyard for a number of Irish projects including the Danny Finn and Ocean Crest and also Cemre Shipyard in Turkey for Atlantic Dawn Ltd’s three sister ships – Leila, Lauren and Veronica. According to John ‘It’s great after a long planning process to finally see these projects coming together and we look forward to seeing these boats back in their Irish home ports when complete. These ships will all be absolutely state of the art with radical new wheelhouse layouts, never before seen on an Irish ship.’

Closer to home, Barry Electronics are delighted to continue to work closely with Mooney boats, who continue to go from strength to strength in their new building expertise. Barry Electronics have a very busy schedule in their shipyard for the next 18 months. Along with this, day to day service in all the fishing and commercial ports around the country make for a very quick week, according to John.

This year, in response to the limited ability for customer travel, Barry Electronics have opened a new web shop as part of their existing website. Customer response has been good and Barry Electronics plan to build on this side of the business over the course of the next year.

Another core part of Barry Electronics’ business is communications, particularly Vsat. Barry Electronics are the only company in Ireland with their full Vsat support located in Ireland. This local contact, along with quick service anywhere in the country, has made Barry Electronics by far the biggest provider of Vsat services on the island. This business continues to grow.

The current pelagic season has been busy with Irish customers and also with visiting ships on the Blue Whiting fishery. Barry Electronics are very well regarded by these European fleets and it’s a welcome boost at the tail end of the Irish pelagic season.

Business continues to be good for this local Irish company and with their long-standing customers; Barry Electronics hopes to continue to do what they do best for years to come.