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Ocean Crest S 381

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New 27m Seiner/ Trawler built by Vestvaerftet ApS for Sheehy Family

Fishermen from all around the coast flocked to West Cork in November to celebrate the arrival of the new Seiner/Trawler Ocean Crest.

The 27,38 meter Ocean Crest was built for the Sheehy family from Baltimore and was the first newbuild for the fishing port for over 20 years.

The large crowd heard tributes to the Sheehy Family’s contribution to the local economy from various speakers including local TD,s Michael Collins ,Christopher O’Sullivan and CEO of the IS&WFPO Patrick Murphy.

Anthony, Ronan & Gerard Sheehy thanked all those who attended and supported them in the new venture. The Ocean Crest was then blessed by  Fr Des O’Driscoll, Sherkin Island and Karen Sheehy broke the traditional bottle of champagne on the boat to round off the event.

The vessel was designed and built by Danish Shipyard, Vestværftet ApS in Hvide Sande. The hull was built in Gdynia, Poland and towed for outfitting in Hvide Sande. The Ocean Crest will partner with Atlantic Dawn’s new Wave Crest currently being finished at the Mooney Boatyard in Killybegs for the McHugh family.

The two vessels have been built as replacements for the Lovon & Carmona that were  succesfully fished by Anthony Sheehy and the O’Driscoll family since 2000

Ocean Crest is rigged as a seiner/trawler to target both whitefish and pelagics and will be skippered by Gerard Sheehy with brother Ronan taking care of the shoreside operations. The family involvement is rounded off by Roseanne Sheehy who has taken care of the mountain of paperwork for all the vessels fished by the Sheehy’s over the years

A suite of Seine nets supplied by Jackson Trawls, Egersund Trawl and LHD will be fished using combi seine rope from VCU.

Midwater gear from KT Nets with SNG Dyneema warp will be used to target pelagics during the winter season and for the summer Tuna fishery.

Local company CH Marine supplied chandlery and safety equipment to the Ocean Crest and the vessel in insured by D&D Insurance.

PBP  Services were contracted to supply deck covering and sent there team  out to Denmark prior to sea trials to supply and install industry leading deck resin, anti slip and decorative resin compounds to net drum decks, factory decks, pump room deck, and crew changing areas.

The team worked long and hard hours to turnaround in only 3 days as to not interrupt any other ongoing trades.

Ocean Crest’s catch will be sold by the family’s own company RBG Fish and handled by Glenmar,Arctic Fish and Ilen Seafoods.


The main engine is an ABC 6DZ developing 766 KW at 1000 rpm with a Heimdal Marine gearbox with a 440 volt, 60 HZ shaft generator coupled to a Heimdal 3200 mm pitch propeller in a high efficient nozzle. Steering is controlled by a Scan-Steering MT – 1600 system

There are 2 Gensets installed, a Volvo Penta D 16, 440 Volt, 60 Hz and a Volvo Penta D 5, 440 Volt, 60 Hz

The 380 voltage electrical installation was designed and built by Vestværftet ApS

Deck Equipment

SeaQuest Systems supplied the complete deck equipment package to the new build MFV Ocean Crest

This included the following equipment;

  • 2 x 32t Trawl Winches with Grooved Winch Drums
  • 2 x 16t Net Drums
  • 1 x 4t Net-Sounder Winch
  • 1 5t Out-haul Winch
  • 1 x 12t Gilson Winch
  • 1 x 2.5t BV certified Anchor Winch
  • 2 x 25t Self-Hauling Rope Reels
  • Scantrol Auto-Trawl System
  • 1 x 1.5t @ 9mtr Knuckle-boom Crane
  • 1 1.5t @ 8mtr Knuckle-boom Crane
  • SeaQuest 14in Fish Pump
  • SeaQuest Hydraulic & Fish Hose Reels

All Stainless Steel Fittings were used where suitable, and all crane pins and cylinder rods etc. are all of Duplex Stainless Steel.

A Common Radio Control System links to the cranes so users can “borrow” the remote from the other system when required.

The Hydraulic piping on Ocean Crest was designed and fitted by AS Scan


A full Electronic package was delivered and installed by Barry Electronics, Killybegs and included:


Furuno FAR1518 X Band Type Approved Radar

Furuno FAR1513 X Band Radar


Furuno Low Frequency Sonar

Furuno Medium Frequency Sonar

Echo Sounders

Furuno FCV1900L Broadband Sounder with multi frequency transducer

Koden CVS-FX2BB Broadband Sounder with multi frequency transducer

Simrad ES80 with 38kHz / 200kHz Transducer

WASSP F3X High Power Multibeam Echo Sounder

Net Monitoring

Simrad FS70 330/200 kHz trawl sonar system


Sodena Easy Win with Tides, AIS and ARPA

Max Sea Time Zero V4 Chart Plotter 1 connected to WASSP system

Max Sea Time Zero V4 Chart Plotter 2 with AIS and ARPA

Furuno GP170 GPS Navigator

Furuno GP33 GPS Navigator

Simrad AP70 Mk2 Autopilot System with second control head

Simrad A2004 Back up Autopilot

Navitron Watch Alarm

2 x Furuno SC70 Satellite Gyro Compass


Furuno FS1575 MF/HF DSC Long Range DSC Radio

Furuno FM8900 VHF DSC

2 x Sailor RT6210 working VHF

Jotron 60S Float Free EPIRB

2 x Jotron AIS SART’s

Furuno NX700B Navtex

3 x Icom GM1600E GMDSS Handhelds

Victron Skyalla GMDSS Charger

Victron GMDSS Battery Monitoring Panel

Furuno PR300 GMDSS Automatic Power Supply

Furuno FA170 AIS Transponder


HD CCTV System with 16 cameras

Phonetech 3100 10 Station Approved Intercom System

Furuno LH5000 Loudhailer with 2 speakers

Sailor Fleet One backup sat phone

Intellian i6p Satellite TV

FM Car Radio

AVI Tech MS6 Video Matrix System connected to 4 x Samsung 50” monitors

15” Beijur touch screen control panel for video system

Fish Handling

A complete whitefish handling system designed and built by VCU TCD BV, Urk in Holland  to the owners specifications was installed on the Ocean Crest. The portside fish hopper feeds the catch to a stainless steel sorting table where the fish can be gutted and washed by the automatically turned washing machines or the crew can use the KM gutting machine which has also an VCU washing machine behind it.

The catch is then conveyed by chutes towards the 4 sorting fishbins in the fishroom. There the crew can fill the boxes and weigh them at the VCU Catch Management System.

The complete fish hold setup is dis-mountable when the Ocean Crest changes to go pelagic fishing. The catch is stored in the refrigerated fish hold designed by LMK, Lemvig  with ice from the 3000 kg LMK icemaker.

Pelagics are stored in 5 RSW tanks with chilled seawater from an integrated system supplied by PTG

With a 530kW cooling capacity at 0deg C tank temperature and 20deg C water temperature, it was delivered as a compact and space saving assembly on a frame for quick and simple installation at the shipyard.

Using a Hall rotary compressor of single screw design gives balanced compression which cancels out radial forces on the main bearings and offers a bearing design lifetime of over 100 000 hours. The system features compressor speed regulation for energy saving with variable capacity from 10% to 100%.

Making use of titanium tubes and tube sheets in all heat exchangers with all tube joints

expanded and welded, this erosion-proof design allows for water velocities of more than 3 m/s to reduce fouling and provides a 10-year guarantee against corrosion on the chiller, condenser, and oil cooler.

Using a highly efficient spray chiller with low ammonia refrigerant charge offers reduced freezing risk, as the tubes are not submerged in liquid refrigerant. With end covers (Water heads) for the chillers, condensers and oil coolers made in a PE-plastic material, the system offers very low maintenance costs. Finally, a FrioLogica controller systems offers automatic operation and monitoring of parameters with remote support, diagnostics and software update via internet.