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The National Inshore Fishermen’s Association (NIFA) have today delivered a letter highlighting their plight to Minister McConalogue’s Constituency Office in Donegal

The fishermen hand delivered a letter asking for immediate and urgent support for inshore fishermen who have seen their access to markets closed and fear their income will be reduced to zero for the coming months

Dear Minister McConalogue
The National Inshore Fishermen’s Association is requesting immediate financial
support for Inshore Fishermen.

The current situation with the ongoing war in the Ukraine has left us with
unprecedented rises in operating costs and the inability to pass these costs on. This
coupled with the crash in prices received for our catches, due to processors having
to reduce the price they pay for products to fishermen to help maintain their own
margins. This has left most shellfish producers in an unprofitable position with greatly
reduced turnovers.

While some processors continue to purchase product, the levels at which they are
buying is greatly reduced. This means vessels are on minimal daily limits on the
days they are actually allowed to fish, leaving some buyers even encouraging
vessels to bring their gear ashore.

In some cases, processors have stopped completely while others have set dates for
when they are closing. This coupled with the fact that many processors are delaying
opening at the start of the season and are closing during the height of the season.
This means many operators will not have built up the required capacity to maintain
themselves throughout the winter months, which leaves an uncertainty to the once
lucrative Christmas season when fishermen would normally receive the highest
prices of the year.

The live markets are under severe pressure from the extra product that’s being
funnelled into them to try and compensate for the problems with the cooking market.
It is vital that the inshore sector receives financial aid to sustain them throughout the
winter period and enable them to continue to maintain their businesses going

As the largest employer in the fishing sector, it is imperative to see the
sector supported as it provides vital employment in some of the most isolated parts
of the country where there are little or no other employment opportunities.