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After the fantastic reception of the COMPACT SUPREME 150 newton lifejacket, Tony Brown of Mullion was approached by many fishermen in Ireland and further afield to come up with a 275n lifejacket with the same comforts.

Mullion have now tested and certified the new 275n single chamber lifejacket to the EN ISO 12402-2:2006+A1 2010 Inflatable lifejackets performance level 275, which will be on display at Irish Skipper Expo on stand 87. Key features
This lifejacket is certified for the usage of an AIS (automatic Identification System) and/or a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) can be fitted. The COMPAC 275 offers wearers comfort and has a heavy duty wipe clean cover. The lifejacket is ideal for heavy commercial fishermen, crab and lobster fishermen and is also suitable for many other commercial workers.

It has a high abrasion resistance fabric, and tektor fabric on the lower sides to prevent damage. To increase comfort and avoid irritation to the neck there is a comfort collar padding and includes a ‘Mech back’ feature for better stability when wearing in water, which also improves weight dispersal and reduces pressure on the back of the neck.

Other features include zip cover fastenings on the back of the neck with burst point at the centre.

Marine grade stainless steel interlock belt buckle and D-ring approved as deck safety harness for attachment to safety line; detachable crutch strap; Inflation system operational readiness indicator windows on the back; service date information window also on the back; and marine grade whistle.

There is a 40% grant available through the BIM fleet safety scheme (contact BIM for further details).