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The Department of Transport wishes to advise that it has established a Panel of Authorised Surveyors to conduct statutory Radio Surveys on existing Irish sea-going vessels, including fishing vessels, at locations in Ireland and Northern Ireland.
This Panel is established from 20th October 2020 until 20th October 2023.

Owners/Operators of vessels requiring a periodical/annual radio survey should contact a Panel Radio Surveyor to arrange these surveys. Contact details and the scope of authorisation for each panel radio surveyor are set out in the annex to this notice
On completion of a survey, the Panel Radio Surveyors will endorse the vessel’s certificate as appropriate and/or inform the Marine Survey Office (MSO) regarding the issue of any required statutory certificate to the vessel. The MSO will not issue statutory certificates to vessels that have not completed the required statutory radio survey.

Owners requiring an “Initial” Radio Survey, which includes all flag-in and new-build vessels, must contact the Marine Survey Office, preferably by email at mso@transport.gov.ie.
Operators of existing cargo vessels which are in Class with a Recognised Organisation (RO) may continue to utilise the RO’s radio survey services, should they so decide.

The contact details for the Panel of Surveyors are also available on the Department’s website.
Panel of Authorised Surveyors carrying out Statutory Radio Surveys on Irish sea-going vessels, including Fishing Vessels.