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Leading trawl door manufacturers, Morgère, continue to push the boundaries of innovation and efficiency in the market, with the recent launch of their all-new V Champion doors.

Taking advice from customers and sales representatives, the panels of the new V Champion doors are optimized according to the conditions of use and customised to the fishing habits of each boat.

Speaking of the success of the V Champion’s recent sea trials, Morgère’s Managing Director, Pascal Reverseau says, “We had the pleasure of collaborating with the crew of the ship “Gwenn Ha Du” and “CU NA MARA” to test the effectiveness of the doors in action.

“With the panels optimized according to the fishing conditions and habits of the team, the crew found that the new design allowed for high stability, optimal spacing, and increased speed in operation, even in shallow water ! The ease of use and installation of the panels was also noted.”

Morgère’s expert team have carefully designed a sophisticated system that allows skippers to access the behaviour of the panels underwater including the depth, spacing, performance, etc.

At this year’s Scottish Skipper Expo, Morgère will showcase their all-new V-Champion doors, with MD Pascal Reverseau on hand to discuss the benefits of the latest design and the new features that are set to maximise fishing and fuel efficiency.

Morgère will also feature its popular Exocet New trawl door and the Osprey New semi-pelagic door, both of which provide optimal fishing performance. All Morgère trawl doors are made from high quality steel and come in a variety of specifications, making them the perfect option for a wide range of fishing vessel sizes.

More information at www.morgere.com