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Larsen Fishing Gear has more than 30 years’ experience and knowledge producing equipment to the worldwide fishing industry – and the company is looking forward to welcoming visitors to its stand at Irish Skipper Expo 2020.

One of the founders of Larsen Fishing Gear is the legendary Helgi Larsen who revolutionised the concept of trawl doors in the 1990s – the rest is history.

Today, all trawl doors produced and used in the fishing industry is based on the same principle Helgi Larsen introduced more than 20 years ago.

Their goal is to find the right solution to meet customer needs and their vast expertise will help fishermen achieve positive outcomes.

Visit Larsen Fishing Gear at stand 127 and see their range of trawl doors for pelagic, semi-pelagic and bottom fisheries. They will also have products for crab and whelk catching.

Larsen Fishing Gear says it is “looking forward to be at your service”.