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WIN A PALLET OF POTS! (Donated By Liam Mcdermott / McDermott Pots)

L.A.S.T (Lost at Sea Tragedies), Ireland,s only fishing charity, are once again raffling a pallet of pots at this year’s Limerick show.

Tickets are €10 and there are many runner up prizes available. Just visit LAST on stand 34 and help support Irish fishing families in times of tragedy and loss

LAST’s Aims

Tragedy and inconsolable death are an all too regular occurrence for our seafaring communities.
Whilst the fishermen who brave our Atlantic seas bear the risks with equanimity it is often the bereaved neighbours, friends and of course the families who are left to mourn the price that the sea demands from its harvesters. LAST has arisen from such tragedies and its aims are:


  • To provide support for bereaved communities and fundraise on an ongoing basis to ensure that sufficient funds are available at the instance of a tragedy, i.e. to be able to provide assistance such as media relations, liaison services, counselling, support to search and rescue staff, etc.
  • To promote & campaign for the preservation of our fishing heritage
  • To provide a structured ready-made vehicle to allow bereaved communities to support their neighbours at their time of need, firstly at the time of the event itself and thereafter in organising fundraising
  • To actively promote safety at sea for our fishing men and women