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Having launched Seas of Solutions company in April last year, the marine safety team are looking forward to a busy agenda for their next exhibition with partners, colleagues and fishermen at Irish Skipper Expo stand 145.

Seas of Solutions, owner of marine electronics brands McMurdo, Netwave and Kannad Marine, has lots to talk about, as the new organisation has used the global covid disruption in the normal maritime calendar to create a new organisation based around a mission of Supporting Safer Sailing Anytime, Everywhere and a technology focus on improved survivability in remote locations for their safety brands.

Seas of Solutions come to Skipper with the launch of the world’s first Return Link Service (RLS) personal location beacon (PLB); the FastFind Return Link still fresh in customer’s minds. The Galileo powered RLS technology allows a signal back to the distress beacon, providing the person in distress the re-assurance that their situation and location are known. Developing a two-way communication in the traditional 406MHz safety ecosystem beacons has generated significant interest in customers as wide ranging as search and rescue organisations to fishing crews and is the first significant leap in beacon technology since the introduction of GNSS in the early 2000s.

Adding to their safety portfolio and this year’s celebration of 20 years since the launch of the FastFind brand, Seas of Solutions will be exhibiting their new AIS man overboard device, the FastFind CREW1 at Skipper.