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Marine Growth Prevention Specialists Ltd will be introducing the ShipSonic HDS antifouling system to the Irish fishing industry at Irish Skipper Expo 2020 in Limerick.

ShipSonic HDS moves ultrasonic antifouling into the next generation. ShipSonic have invested heavily in years of research and development in conjunction with renowned academic institutions, box cooler manufacturers and the Dutch Government.

Backed by this research and development, Shipsonic’s HDS antifouling series is now the World’s premier environmentally friendly antifouling system for the commercial marine market.

With spiralling fuel costs and environmental pressures being paramount to all marine stakeholders but especially to the small and medium sized businesses that make up the fishing industry. A solution that saves fuel, reduces emissions, reduces maintenance costs and is itself non-polluting and environmentally friendly would be invaluable!

Marine Growth Prevention Specialists Ltd says the ShipSonic HDS Antifouling System is that Holy Grail of solutions!

With its robust, commercial grade build quality, modular design and three year warranty, the ShipSonic HDS range offers skippers and vessel owners a fit and forget, cost effective and ecologically sound answer to all their marine growth questions.