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Have an opinion on what life will be like for the Next Generation of Fishermen?

Do you feel that life will be better or worse for the next generation?

*Will there be enough quota to go around?

*Will there be enough fish?

*Will there be too much regulation?

*Will there be finance?

*Will there be crews available?

The Fisher’s Voice is a series of online video documentaries about life in our coastal communities.

This is your opportunity to speak your mind on camera, to speak up for the next generation, to ensure that our fleet will stay at sea for years and decades to come.

A film crew will be sent to your port if you have something important to say on this topic. Speak to the nation from your wheelhouse or quayside.

You are asked to contact Sean at The Fisher’s Voice immediately if you have an opinion on this important topic, by email fishersvoice@gmail.com or on https://www.facebook.com/The-Fishers-Voice