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Aboard the Prins Maurits, a Dutch fishing vessel, Chief Engineer Auke van Slooten has doubled the life expectancy of his main engine’s lube oil, saving 1400 liters of oil a year and nearly two hours of cleaning time per week, using an Alfa Laval MIB 503 separator. For three generations, his fishing family has relied on Alfa Laval solutions. Chief Engineer Auke van Slooten on the operational and financial benefits of using an Alfa Laval MIB 503 module:


‘Normally, with our main engine, we can drive on lube oil for one year. Then we must change 1,400 litres. We’ve tried filters, but filters were not capable of removing the dirty parts from the oil. Now, with the new [Alfa Laval MIB 503] separator, we have the oil inside for almost two years, and it’s clean. The new separator is working so well that we can keep the lube oil in the engine for two years. 1,400 litres, and it’s 3.5 euros for one litre, so it’s a lot of money.

It’s a very easy separator. If we clean the separator, it takes 10 minutes of my time. That’s very good, because if we are in the harbour, it’s very busy – and we need our time…10 minutes, it’s very good. I remove the dirty oil, I clean the disc stack, I put it back on the separator and then I’m finished. I can use my time to do other things. So, with this separator, it’s very good.’

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Netting greater performance on fishing vessels:

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