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Finnøy Gear & Propeller, a leading provider of marine propulsion systems, is pleased to announce the successful delivery of its state-of-the-art controllable pitch propulsion plant to 60 North Fishing Ltd’s latest twin-rig trawler, Copious. The vessel is the first of a pair, with the second vessel, named Prolific, expected to be delivered later this year.

The 25 m long trawlers were built in Croatia by Tehnomont Shipyard and is designed by an UK naval architecture firm, Macduff Ship Design. The sister vessels were specifically designed to operate cost efficiently in rough and unpredictable seas, while also minimizing fuel consumption. The sizing of the propeller was a crucial design decision for the two-of-a-kind ships. To achieve significant efficiency savings, a larger controllable-pitch propeller was suggested. Following this, the hull form was carefully configured to ensure the vessel could operate seamlessly in its authorized fishing zone.

Photo Credit – Macduff Ship Designs

Both ships are fitted with Mitsubishi V12 S12R main engines, rated at 588 kW at 1,400 rpm. coupled to the Finnøy series G50FKV with triple PTO for hydraulic pumps and CP propeller type P70.22.300.4D – Ø3000. The controllable pitch propulsion system provides flexible and efficient control of the vessels’ propeller pitch, enabling outstanding maneuverability and agility for day-to-day operations. This system is ideally suited for fishing vessels operating in dynamic and changing environments. The power from the PTO on the gearbox further supplies the McGregor deck machinery package, as well as electric towing pumps.

“We are thrilled to supply our controllable pitch propulsion system for Mark Andersons latest twin-rig trawlers,” said Nils Erling Finnøy, General Manager of Finnøy Gear & Propeller. “Our system is designed to deliver maximum performance and reliability, even under the toughest conditions, and we are confident that it will help the vessel operate efficiently and effectively for years to come”. With the successful delivery to shipowner of 60NF, Mark Anderson, Finnøy Gear & Propeller continues to establish itself as a leading provider of marine propulsion systems, delivering innovative and reliable solutions to customers across the globe.