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Back in March we had over 145 companies from 14 different countries all booked up to see you at Irish Skipper Expo in Limerick. Over the next few weeks we will focus some of these exhibitors for you.

You can always find a full listing with contact details of each exhibitor in your showguide also. https://theskipper.ie/irish-skipper-expo/

Time to go green with Engine solutions Ltd

Offering green solutions to the marine industry, Engine Solutions Ltd. are Ireland’s sole importers of YC Engines, Genets, Aderco organic fuel treatments, Addinol oil long drain and Micfil filtration systems.

YC Engines are German design very robust stronger engine, with a wide range of power and size for the commercial industry: 50hp to 4500hp, 4 cylinder, straight 6 cylinder, straight 8 cylinder, straight 9 cylinders and v12 v16. Both the 8 and 9 cylinder engines are 1000hp upwards, giving you more room in your engine room than the v cylinder engines. Cheaper to service, cheaper to run and lighter in weight, there is also a wide range of engines for the smaller commercial and pleasures vessel’s.

Aderco fuel treatment is an organic treatment that kills the bug in the fuel, breaking down the dead bug and suspending it in the fuel to be burnt off. Aderco cleans the fuel tank fuel pump and injectors, while also keeping the fuel filters from clogging up, and is authorised by all engine manufacturers.

A high performing oil for a variety of applications, made in Germany, Addinol oil is long drain oil for engines, gearboxes, hydraulics.

With testing, Micfil filtration and Addinol oil together can prolong the life of the oil for thousands of working hours. German designed and manufactured, Micfil has oil filtration and fuel flirtation to suit all applications.

Operating a 24 services to the industry, with these products Engine Solutions Ltd. is helping the industry reduce their carbon footprint, reduce waste and save money.

Time to go green?

Contact Engine Solutions Ltd at andrew@engine-solutions.ie or phone 087 9280232

Andrew Deacy, Engine Solutions busy at the Scottish Skipper Expo last year