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Eternal Light – A New Design Of Scalloper – August 2019

Macduff Shipyards Limited have recently handed over their latest new build, FV “Eternal Light” FR 35, to owners Whitelink Seafoods Ltd of Fraserburgh.


The “Eternal Light” is a new design of scallop trawlers developed by the yard to provide a good working platform to suit trawling 10 dredges per side whilst keeping below the 16.45m registered length. Work began on this new model in the summer of 2017 with close collaboration between the owners and the yard to design a suitable layout of vessel which would need to combine a spacious working deck, efficient catch sorting system and also be economical to run.


After the design was finalised the first steel for the hull was cut in the spring of 2018 with units for the vessel being built between the Macduff and Buckie yards. Over the next year, the vessel was fitted out extensively in the main fabrication hall in Buckie where the vessel was near completed before being launched and then running engine and fishing trials in the Moray Firth where initial signs promised good levels of fuel economy and seakeeping.

As is customary with all the yard’s new builds the hull was developed in close cooperation with Macduff Ship Design and CFD technology was used to optimise the hull form for fuel efficiency, bow to reduce areas of high resistance as much as practicable and align extern hull fittings with the water flow. Macduff Ship Design then created a full set of hull construction plans which were approved by SFIA and produced the vessels stability booklet upon completion. The hull of the “Eternal Light” is of typical modern construction with the hull being built from steel and the wheelhouse finished in aluminium.


The vessel is arranged below deck in the conventional layout with cabins aft where there is sleeping accommodation arranged for eight crew members. Following this is the main engine room which features an all Mitsubishi engine package. The main engine is a Mitsubishi S6R2 MPTK with 643hp @ 1350 rpm driving a Teignbridge 2200 mm ducted propeller through a Masson Marine MM W6000 gearbox with 7.063:1 reduction. To the starboard side and providing the main hydraulic onboard is a Mitsubishi 6D24TCE engine with 244hp which is also fitted with a 48kW generator to provide back-up electrical power. Fitted to the port side of the engine room is a Mitsubishi S4KT generator set with 48 kW output. 

Forward of the engine room is a refrigerated fish hold arranged with the main hold storage area aft, with capacity for some 20t of bagged scallops, and the fish reception area, ice lockers and access stair arranged forward. Forward of the hull is a larger freshwater tank for ice making and domestic use and also within this space is an access trunk to the bow thruster. Above deck, there is a full-width casing fitted at the transom where the galley/mess area is arranged to the starboard side and a skipper’s cabin arranged to the port side. Forward of this is a central casing where the WC, dry locker and workshop is fitted along with services to the engine room such as vent trunks, exhaust trunks and the access and escape.

Crew Comfort and Well-Being

Immediately forward of this is the open deck space where the hold unloading hatch and two split trawl winches fabricated by the yard are fitted. The trawl winches aim aft and outboard towards a hydraulically controlled outrigger either side of the casing which are hinged at deck level and can be lowered or lifted remotely using hydraulic rams. These allow the crew to lift the arms when they are hauling and provide safe access to clip the Gilson winches onto the dredge bar easily, something the owners were very keen to implement for crew safety, comfort and to eliminate manual labour while sorting through the catch.

Another feature added for crew safety, alongside efficiency and speed, are stainless steel tipping doors and conveyors are also fitted both sides which take the catch forward and into a sheltered picking area where the scallops are picked and collected before being lowered into the hold through a dedicated hatch on deck which feeds a stainless-steel reception hopper in the hold. At the forward extend of the main deck is weathertight whaleback which is used for general storage and also houses the ice machine and some of the refrigeration plaint.

At shelter deck level the aluminium wheelhouse is fitted which features an extensive package of the latest electronics supplied by various companies along with two skipper’s chairs and two control stations forward at each corner for working the hydraulic deck machinery.

Speaking with The Skipper, Whitelink Seafoods said: “The vessel was constructed with fuel efficiency, crew comfort and well-being at the top of our list and to maximise on the seakeeping capabilities that Macduff Shipyards provide with their constant up to date modern hulls. The vessel will operate around UK waters on the usual nomadic pattern of all the other Whitelink Scallop fleet vessels.

“Whitelink Seafoods would like to thank Macduff Shipyards for providing such a well laid out and capable vessel which has been finished to a very high standard. Throughout the build, they were very professional and pleasant to work with.”

Commenting on the build, Matthew Watt from Macduff Shipyards said: “The Macduff team have been delighted to work with Whitelink and the crew of the Eternal Light. It has been a fantastic project for the yard, we are very grateful for the order and hope the vessel serves them well for many years”.

Good Fishing!

The Skipper team would like to wish Whitelink, the Skipper and crew of the Eternal Light every success with the new boat.


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