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DNG will be exhibiting at Limerick, and their DNG computericed jigging reel is a fully automatic fishing device.

It pays out the line and detects when the sinker hits the bottom, positions the hooks at a desired depth, and performs jigging action customized by each individual user. The user can customize jigging speed, frequency and type. The reel detects fish biting the hooks and hauls the catch up to the surface. The user fully controls all parameters of the jigging and can also set additional parameters relating to weather, ocean currents and bottom conditions. With time, the user can create his own fishing methods.

A large graphical screen on the control panel shows depth and all settings. The icons on the screen are easy to read, and the star-button is used to make changes. The +/- buttons are used for increase and decrease. These user-friendly settings offer endless possibilities. Should the user feel that too many changes have been made, he/she can return to the factory settings at the touch of a button. The button panel is designed to endure harsh condition and colours have been selected to minimize the impact of weather and sunlight on the panel and the display.

One person can easily operate three or four reels and some of the small boats are equipped with up to seven reels. With certain additions, the DNG jigging reel is suitable for mackerel and squid fishing.

Some properties of the DNG C-6000i are:

  • Low power consumption, high efficiency.
  • Works on both 12V and 24V dc electrical systems.
  • Totally waterproof.
  • Communication between machines.
  • Integrated and customized fishing systems.
  • Search System.