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Berthon Power will be exibiting the highly-anticipated Cox Powertrain diesel outboard engine, the CXO300, at the Irish Skipper Expo on 13–14 March.

Visitors to the event can discuss the advantages of the ground-breaking engine that is set to shake up the marine industry.

Based on a 4-stroke V8 architecture, the CXO300 is the world’s first 300hp diesel outboard engine ever to have come to the marine market.

The CXO300 has been designed and developed in-house from the ground up for professional maritime use.

The CXO300 will deliver a package volume around half that of a diesel inboard with comparable fuel efficiency. Crucially for commercial operators, it offers at least a 25% better range compared to a petrol outboard and is designed to last up to three times longer. Reduced maintenance and haul out costs minimise disruption to operations for engine service and repairs are also advantages.

It has a 100% higher peak torque at the crankshaft than the leading petrol 300hp outboards and is 60% higher compared to a leading 350hp.  This enables crafts to move more weight more efficiently, reach peak torque and top power more quickly.