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Danish Fisheries Minister Rasmus Prehn has accused Irish Fisheries Minister Charlie McConalogue of an attempted “Coup” on the Mackerel quota that Denmark receives in the North Sea as part on the annual EU- Norway agreement.

He Said “The Irish Minister for Fisheries is trying to get his hands on a coveted mackerel quota that has been in Danish hands for decades.”

We are doing everything we can to fight this coup. We have held several bilateral meetings with some of the other EU countries to try to convince them of how important it is in principle that the quota remains in Danish hands. We are pretty much alone with our case, but we will continue to put all our efforts into this”

The quota that is being fought for is 12,000 tonnes and has a value of around €17 million – DKK 125 million . According to the Danish Pelagic Producers’ Organization, which looks after the interests of mackerel fishermen, this corresponds to almost 10 percent of the total Danish fishing earnings.

It appears that Ireland’s case is strengthened by the fact that they lost over 25% of their Mackerel quota in the Brexit TCA deal yet Norway continues to have full access for a large Blue Whiting quota in the Irish EEZ.

Commenting to The Skipper on the Danish claims, Minister McConalogue said “It has been a tough year for our fishing community. I am in EU Council this weekend to advocate for our fishing community and to fight for our sector. On the Danish mackerel issue I am seeking for the Commission to examine the basis for this quota in 2022 under existing EU arrangements”