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Parkol Marine Engineering in Whitby have completed their first newbuild for Ireland

The multi-rig prawn freezer trawler Ambitious II was built at Parkol Marine Engineering for brothers David and Niall Kirwan of Clogherhead. She was lifted into the  river Tees on July 8th and moved to Parkols Whitby yard for final fit out, leaving there on September 8th to head to Killybegs to enable, EK marine to complete the final fit out and commissioning of the winches, net drums and hydraulic systems,

Ambitious II was designed by Ove Kristensen at Vestværftet ApS of Hvide Sande in Denmark. Ambitious II is the brothers second new build in 6 years, built to replace another French built vessel, Virtuous which has been sold to make way for the new vessel,

Vestværftet ApS designed the new vessel to include  improvements over the previous new built vessel Audacious  suggested by the owners. These included 2 more frames in the vessel to increase the length by one metre, taking it from 25.6m up to 26.7m. The beam has also been increased by 300mm taking it up to 7.8metres.  The hull has a moulded depth of 4.51metre, a draft of 5.0 metres and a Gross tonnage of 248 tonnes.

The steel hulled vessel is of round bilge construction with a bulbous bow and transom stern.  The steel extends up to the shelterdeck level with the wheelhouse being of aluminium. The shelterdeck extends almost right aft to the transom, leaving an open aft deck to shoot and haul the gear from. The wheelhouse is situated approximately mid-way between the stem and stern

The vessel was built to Bureau Veritas/MSO specification and features an extensive deck machinery, refrigeration and engine room package supplied by a number of well-known Irish companies, including EK Marine, Pat Maguire, A J Conaghan and Padmos, with whom David and Niall Kirwan had previously well-established working relationships.

Padmos of Kilmore Quay supplied the four Mitsubishi engines on Ambitious II

The Mitsubishi S6R2-T2MPTAW3M main propulsion engine is coupled to a Reintjes WGF 773, 12.490:1 reduction gearbox to turn an impressive 3000mm-diameter five bladed fixed pitch propeller in a high efficiency nozzle. This combination results in a maximum propeller speed of 108rpm, and typically around 80rpm when towing with the main engine running at 1000rpm.

A Stamford 140 kVA shaft generator is hydraulically driven by the auto trawl pump which is mounted on the front end of the main engine. This optimises the vessel’s electrical needs when steaming and reduces fuel consumption by eliminating the need to run any of the auxiliary engines

.A Mitsubishi S6B3-T2MPTAW-20 auxiliary engine (335kW @ 1500rpm) mounted on a steel frame atop the starboard fuel tank powers the deck machinery hydraulics through a Technodrive gearbox that drives three Parker PV240 load-sensing hydraulic pumps.

The Technodrive gearbox is fitted with an air flex coupling between engine and gearbox, which allows the crew to operate the clutch from the wheelhouse trawl console.

A back-up hydraulic gear retrieval system is provided by a 45kW 50Hz electric motor, driving a Parker PV 063 load-sensing pump and is supplemented by the auto trawl pump. This system is used while landing the catch and working on the gear, so there is no need to run the main hydraulic system.

The main electrical power auxiliary engine on Ambitious II is a Mitsubishi 6D16-T (128kW @ 1500rpm) driving a Stamford 140 kVA. Also fitted with a wheelhouse start/stop panel

Pat Maguire Marine Electronics Ltd supplied, installed and commissioned the extensive array of electronic equipment, information from which is displayed on flat screens flush-mounted in the main forward console.


Details of the trawler’s location are processed by Koden KGP300 GPS and Koden KGP 915 wheel-marked receivers. Positioning data received is interfaced to two Sodena plotting systems supporting a combination of tidal data, CMAP charts, AIS and ARPA tracking. Also fitted is an Olex plotter with 3D mapping system.

Both the Koden MDC 7912p and 2041A radars are interfaced to a Koden KAT 330 Class A AIS transceiver and, with ARPA, provide tracking both within the radars themselves as well as the plotting systems.

Steering and navigation is supported with a Simrad AP70 digital autopilot, Koden KGP satellite compass, a backup Simrad HS60 gps and a ships watch alarm. This alarm is also linked into the vessels main alarm system, which will alert the crew if not reset.

Bottom-sounding and fish detection duties onboard Ambitious II are handled by 1 Koden CVS – FX2 BB sounder 25 – 210Khz 3Khz and a One Furuno FCV295 dual frequency (50 / 200Khz and 28 / 75Khz colour echosounders in conjunction with an Olex 3D bottom mapping plotter.

Communications includes Icom GM800 MF/HF GMDSS, Icom GM600 vhf, IcomM423 vhf, 2 x Icom handheld GMDSS VHFs and a Furuno NX 300 Navtex.

Gear monitoring is a Marport system with pitch and roll fitted.

All the working areas on the vessel are covered with a 10 camera colour CCTV system with two four-way split screens in the wheelhouse.

Continuing their increased relationship with both the Kirwan family and the Parkol Yard, Killybegs based EK Marine supplied the full hydraulic machinery package on Ambitious II  consisting of

3 x EKM trawl winches 16 ton with 800 fathoms of 20mm wire

2 x EKM 16 ton double netdrums with capacity of 5 cubic meters

2 x EKM 16 ton single netdrums  with capacity of 4 cubic meters

1 x EKM landing crane 1.5 ton @ 8 meters reach

1 x EKM powerblock crane tons @ 7.5 meters reach

1 x EKM 7.5 ton gilsen winch with capacity of 100 meter of 30mm rope

1 x EKM 2 ton dragging winch capacity with 40 meters of 16mm rope

1 x EKM 500kg Electric elevator winch

1 x EKM hydraulic operated 125kw generator

1 x dual station control panel with wire counting on each station

The trawl winches are controlled by a complete  Scantrol trawl system with 2 control stations with wire counting  ,auto haul / shoot and a remote monitoring of system from the home office.

The main hydraulic system is the most up to date load sensing system todate  consisting of top brand  Parker pumps , Wavoil controls ,Wavoil joysticks ,Denison, ntegrated valves all  Powered by the 335kw Mitsubishi engine

The trawl gear package for Ambitious II was supplied by Swan Net-Gundry in Killybegs, for whom David acts as there east coast agent

·         Full set of 23ftm (Rubbered) Quad Rig Trawls, complete with Quad Rig Bridle system
·         Full set of 23ftm (Clean) Quad Rig Trawls, complete with Quad Rig Bridle system
·         3 x 700ftm of 20mm warp
·         72” Type 11 Thyboron Trawl Doors
·         Overbraided Dyneema for Deck Cranes
·         Net Drum Legs and spares

Swan Net-Gundry also supplied all the spare sweeps, bridles and general chandlery for the vessel.DCI Stainless custom built and fitted an extensive fish handling  and washing system and  Atlantic Marine & Swan Net-Gundry supplied the safety equipment.

The vessel has been insured with D&D Insurance and will use Clogherhead as its home port.

The Ambitious II will target prawns and whitefish to be sold directly by David Kirwan to well-established customers in Europe. This personal level of service, which also includes an in-house transport system, ensures that the Kirwan’s are in constant contact with their clients at all times and are therefore able to offer a bespoke service in line with their customers exact requirements.

David and Niall would like to thank everyone who made this project possible.

“Ove for design, Parkol for the build, which at times was not easy with Brexit and Covid disrupting the staff and supply lines. Patricia McDonnell in Bank of Ireland, Paul Russell, D&D Insurance, EK Marine, AJ Conaghan, Padmos, Pat Maguire, Swan Net Gundry’s, DCI Stainless, Gerry Smyth, David & Cian at Flynn O’Driscoll,. BV and MSO surveyors.

Our staff and crews for their hard work and most importantly our wife’s and families for sticking with us through this build

Finally anyone else who we have not named but who has helped us over the years, Thank You.”

“With the small quotas Irish boats have to work to, especially after the disaster of the unfair loss of even more of our quotas due to Ireland having to take a larger burden share of the reallocation of fish quota after Brexit, the huge loss of Rockall and boats being ring-fenced out of certain species, we felt we needed to be in a position to catch our quota in a more efficient and cost-effective manner, hence less fuel, and fewer CO2 emissions.”

Niall & David Kirwan


Homeport:  Clogherhead

Owners: David and Niall Kirwan, Clogherhead, Co Louth, Ireland

Designer: Ove Kristensen, Vestværftet ApS, Hvide Sande, Denmark

Boatyard: Parkol Marine. Whitby and Teesside

Length overall: 26.7m

Length reg: 23.05m;

Beam: 7.8m;

Draft: 5.0m;

Accommodation : 1 skipper’s cabin and 2 x 4-berth crew cabins.

“This build was a double-first for Parkol: our first export to the Republic of Ireland and the first vessel built with Danish Naval Architects Vestværftet Aps.

Although she was built during a very challenging time for the industry and Parkol with the impacts of global pandemic and Brexit, Ambitious II is a credit to our dedicated workforce.”

Sally Atkinson Parkol


The Skipper would like to wish David & Niall, crew and family every success and good fishing with the Ambitious II