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Minister for Agriculture, Michael Creed, TD, last week welcomed government approval for the Agriculture, Forest and Seafood Climate Change Sectoral Adaptation Plan. Adaptation is the process of preparing for the impacts of climate disruption including, for events such as flooding, fodder shortages or extreme storm events.

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed T.D. stated “I am very pleased the Agriculture, Forest and Seafood Climate Change Sectoral Adaptation Plan has been approved as part of the Whole-of-Government approach adopted under Climate Action Plan 2019. We have taken a consistent approach to adaptation planning across the Department and have prepared a single plan covering the agriculture, forest and seafood sector.”

Primary producers are very much to the forefront of dealing with the impacts of a changing climate but climate change is an issue which belongs to all of us; it is something that everyone in the production chain needs to consider. Nor is it solely a domestic issue. Our agriculture, forest and seafood sectors will be impacted by global changes in climate also. The Minister went on to say that “in addition to reducing our emissions, we must ensure that our food production system is resilient and ready to adapt to future climate risk’’.

The Minister stated that ‘’The Agriculture, Forest and Seafood Sectoral Adaptation Plan approved today is an important next step in our goal to build a strong and resilient sector that is well placed to take on the challenges and opportunities presented by our changing climate’’.

The Adaptation Plan highlights a number of case studies identifying how the sector has and will continue to be impacted by changing weather patterns and steps towards building resilience.