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Two Yards Fathom It Out

Zamakona Shipyard in Spain and Hirtshals Yard in Denmark worked together to ensure the 70mtr Shetland based “Adenia”, built by Zamakona in 2019, was back on the fishing grounds quickly after having works done at the Hirtshals yard.

As is normal with a new build the “Adenia” owners wanted to make a few adjustments under warranty after their first season with the new vessel. However with current travel restrictions and fishing time at a premium Zamakona came up with a solution to have the work done by Hirtshals which meant a shorter steam for the “Adenia” and a quick turnaround.

While at Hirtshals the “Adenia” also had several crew platforms for cleaning the RSW tanks fabricated and installed. The removable platforms were designed to fit on brackets secured to the tank bulkheads and ensure the crews safety when pressure washing tanks or doing maintenance on pipework. Hirsthals also upgraded the vessel’s gangway with new fittings.

Hirtshals Yard Director, Peter Jørgensen told The Skipper:

“The “Adenia” came to Hirtshals Yard to have some adjustment done on their ship, to make some of the working processes onboard more efficient and amongst other things the owner wanted some smaller platforms for the employees to stand on when cleaning the tanks onboard.”

“A few small warranty jobs were done onboard in close collaboration with Zamakona, who built this amazing ship. Smaller warranty adjustment is quite normal when building a new ship, and we have made an agreement and have worked closely together with the Zamakona Shipyard.”

“Especially in these times with a pandemic all over the world it has been important for both us and Zamakona to have the close collaboration, so our mutual clients can choose to go in the nearest to their fishing grounds, so they are kept on sea and do what they do best – fishing.” 

“We at Hirtshals Yard always strive to do everything in our power to make all customers and crew feel sure that everything is taking care of and therefore every project has its own project manager / SPOC, to make sure that the client feels safe and is taken care of.”

“A close dialogue is crucial for the projects to succeed, and therefore the project manager who is responsible for the project has a project meeting every morning with the client. The project manager is involved in the project from the beginning of the process from quotation, when working on the project and after project and invoicing.”

“At Hirtshals Yard we have a close collaboration with all of our subcontractors and do quality assurance processes, to make sure that they all meet the high standard we strive to have here at Hirtshals Yard.”

George Anderson, Owner “Adenia” was full of praise for Hirtshals;

“It’s very easy to get work done at Hirtshals Yard because of their closeness to our fishing grounds. This collaboration between the yards worked to our advantage because we were dealing with good people who understand how to solve the problems and get the job done”

Hirtshals Yard specialise in dockings, repairs and services for fishing boats, cargo vessels, small and medium-sized supply ships and tugboats for the offshore industry. They are also able to carry out plannedmaintenance, surface treatment and carry out emergency work on larger vessels alongside their quay.

A new unique hull inspection by drone service is also now available to visiting vessels.

The underwater drone enables a range of jobs to be completed without having to drydock the vessel. The list of possible solutions include:

Inspection of zinc and copper anodes.

Inspection of propeller and rudder.

Inspection of the hull.

Inspection of bottom equipment and censors.

Photo documentation of the hull and bottom.

The Drone has a 100 meters depth rating with a 200 meter working radius and can do 4 hours continuous work on a single charge. It is also fitted with a robotic claw which can be manipulated by the operator to remove any foreign object on the hull.

Another advantage of Hirtshals Yard is the sister company, Marine Repair Specialists, Vestkajens Maskinværksted who are located at the same site and are service agents for both Caterpillar & Cummins engines.

Meanwhile Zamakona are currently busy building the new 87.60m twin screwed pelagic trawler Gitte Henning and a 72mtr 2.200m3 capacity wellboat for delivery in the first quarter of 2022 to Intership.