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Working vessels that need to ensure optimum profitability and power efficiently often require auxiliary power, which is achieved by using a range of solutions utilising both pump drives and PTO’s.

Auxiliary power is commonly required mostly in the form of hydraulics operating equipment such as cranes, fishing equipment, winches, pot haulers and water pumps, enabling vessels to be more efficient and run multiple types of equipment direct from the power train or gen-sets. Operators appreciate the additional benefits auxiliary can deliver; however, available solutions can vary depending on the operation, accessible power and specific installation requirements.

Pump drives, available in several ratios, allow hydraulics to work in a more efficient speed window. They also allow for shorter installed length and remove the need for multiple belts and pulleys, providing a neater, resilient and safer solution. Whereas, PFI clutches enable pump drives to be clutched from a remote location anywhere on the vessel with straightforward wiring, requiring only a 12/24v connection to function. This solution is more commonly achieved with manual clutches; however, they need to be engaged manually in the engine space. PFI clutches alleviate the need to operate within the engine room.

For users where space is imperative, multi-head pump drives can be sandwiched between the engine and gearbox, to utilise space in the engine room better. Furthermore, coupling solutions provide a direct drive from the engine crank, removing the need for additional belts.

When looking at auxiliary power, one consideration that must not be overlooked is varying installation factors and engine models. Various coupling options and connection interfaces can be used to ensure the benefits of hydraulic power solutions are available to all operators offering:

  • Front and back engine mounting
  • Flexible or rigid mounted
  • Clutched and live options
  • Speed up/down ratios
  • Driveshaft options for remote mounting on pumps, clutch or pump drive.

Users should also ensure full six degrees of freedom and TVA calculations are completed to confirm acceptability and control of torsional and linear vibrations. Modular and commercially available options are the smart solution due to varying application needs and requirements.

MIT, who since 1974, MIT has been designing, supplying and servicing transmissions and driveline systems across the UK/Ireland, has supplied several auxiliary power solutions and have equipment successfully installed onboard vessels such as fishing boats, FI-FI vessels, ferries and superyachts and can work with you to specify the best solution for your application.

The UK and Ireland distributors of Twin Disc, Transfluid, Rubber Design, Arneson, Rolla and Quincy compressors, MIT has bases in southern and northern England, providing comprehensive UK and Ireland coverage along with an established global mobile support service, delivered by a highly trained and dedicated technical engineering team and a significant inventory of world-class brands, including new and refurbished transmissions, driveline systems and spare parts.

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