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Shetland Lives: A lifetime at sea

Shetland Lives: A lifetime at sea

By: Chloe Irvine Retired skippers John Arthur Irvine and Willie Williamson have more than 100 years of fishing between them. Both played a key role in progressing Whalsay’s pelagic fishing industry to what it is today. Here they share some of their stories with Chloe...


EU Must Stop “Mackerel Free For All”

EU Must Stop “Mackerel Free For All”

EU fishing organisations have called for immediate sanctions to be imposed to stop Norway and the Faroe Islands from their “massive overfishing” of the Northeast Atlantic mackerel stock Irish and EU Fishermen are especially concerned by Norway’s and the Faroes...




Cross Table Talks are the Way Forward

Cross Table Talks are the Way Forward

As Ireland moves towards reducing CO2 emissions by 51% by 2030 and Net-Zero emissions by 2050, fishermen are finding themselves under increasing pressure from offshore wind developments.  Open, honest and early discussions are crucial to learning how both industries...


Safety News

Calling for Help

Calling for Help

Frankie Horne RNLI Fishing Safety Manager Fishermen all over the UK and Ireland have an unwritten rule to help each other in times of need or distress. They tend only to call for help from others as a last resort. I am sure this will continue for years to come....

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