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Thyboron Trawldoors said it was great to be back at the Scottish Skipper Expo.

Henrik Andreassen, Area Sales Manager, said: “It is so crucial that we come over and see all familiar and new faces from the fishing industry of Scotland.

“We have some very good customers on Shetland and on the mainland of Scotland and it is a priority for us to exhibit at the show and get the feedback so that we can deliver a product that is even better.

“We got a lot of interest about our new TYPE 26 BLUESTREAM semi-pelagic trawldoors.  A big segment of Scottish whitefish trawlers has changed to this design and the feedback is very promising. We got some orders at the show for this design as well.

“The main thing about this design is its performance efficiency with regards to high spread and low resistance, combined with steadiness and manufactured quality. This design is used for single trawl or twin-rig without any complications.”