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Costa® Del Mar Blackfin 580G
USA White, Gray Blue Mirror
RRP: £269

Style/size options available in small, medium, large, in sports and metal frames.

The Blue Light Hazard:
Out at sea and on the docks it’s the blue light and glare that’s damaging to.the eyes.
Blue light is now an internationally recognised hazard to the eye.

“Blue-light hazard is defined as the potential for a photochemically-induced retinal injury resulting from electromagnetic radiation exposure at wavelengths primarily between 400 and 450 nm. … At wavelengths of blue light below 430 nm this greatly increases the potential for oxidative damage.”

Marine Optical Health & Safety:
In addition to providing 100% UV A/B against Harmful Invisible Light below 400nm, Costa® 580® Lenses are 100% polarised across the entire spectrum of light to Reduce Surface Glare and are also patented to absorb 100% of HEV, High Energy Visible Light up to 425nm from both natural and artificial sources which may contribute to eyestrain, blurring, dry eye, migraines and as a result of extended exposure; may cause macular degeneration, pterygium, cataracts and other eye diseases.

Costa® 580® Lens Technology
Filters out the harsh yellow light at 580nm and enhances the peak light sensetivity of the eye to the greens & blues, PLUS absorbs 100% of potentially harmful HEV High Energy Visible Blue Light up to 425nm in order to cut haze and blurring and offer exceptional visual clarity and comfort over long periods.

The “Clearest Lenses on the Planet”:
Lens Tints: Gray, Copper, Sunrise Yellow.
Optional Mirrors

580G Lightwave® Impact Glass:
Impact Resistant, Lightweight, Scratchproof, 100% Polarised Glass. Optional Encapsulated Mirrors (between layers of glass) are Scratchproof.

580P Velocity Impact Polycarbonate:
The molecular bond on Costa® 580® Polycarbonate and Prescription Trivex Lenses provides the most scratch resistant and smudge free plastic lenses available: repelling water, oil and sweat with a 7 rating on the Bayer Abrasion Test beating the industry average of 3-5.

Designed for Salt Water since 1983:
Costa’s TR90 co-injected bio based nylon
frames and super-lightweight, hypoallergenic titanium frames utilise marine grade corrosion resistant Monel® hinges and Costa’s proprietary Hydrolite hypoallergenic non-slip rubber.

Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty:
Costa’s Marine Protective Sunglasses have a lifetime manufacturers warranty and an excellent repair service for accidental damage.

Also Available to Prescription:
Distance Vision, Bifocal and Varifocal Options are manufactured to order.

Tax Deductible:
Costa® Del Mar 580® Protective Marine Sunglasses are 100% tax deductible and offer maximum eye protection both at sea and in dock for skippers and their crews as extremely robust working glasses.

Marine Eye Protection:
Costa® Del Mar Dealer Catalogue 2018 Dropbox PDF

Skipper Show Special & Prize Draw
Skipper Show discounts of up to -20% on orders for 4 or more pairs paid for at show.

1 pair:   -5%
2 pairs: -10%
3 pairs: -15%
4 or more pairs: -20%

2 year renewable crew supply contracts offering the latest lens technology in marine eye protection are negotiable.

We offer the best prices and quality of service available worldwide.

Win a free pair of Skipper Sunglasses:
Be sure to call in on our stand on Thursday Morning before 2.30pm, test out the “clearest lenses on the planet”, select your preferred style, Register for your Unique Skipper Promotional Code to ensure your show discount and enter into our prize draw to win a fantastic pair of Skipper Costa® Del Mar 580G Protective Marine Sunglasses value £269 (approx £325 including accessories).

The prize draw will take place on stand 27, Marine Sunglasses, at 2.30pm on Thursday 27th September 2018.

The winner will recieve a brand new pair of Skipper Costa® Sunglasses in the style they have selected within 2 weeks.

Established by fishermen for fishermen since 1983. Lifetime manufacturers warranty and excellent repair service for damage due to wear and tear.

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