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Swan Net-Gundry (SNG) says it is delighted to be back exhibiting at this year`s Scottish Skipper Expo where you can find the company at stand 93 where visitors can call by for a chat with their team and see what is new in fishing gear innovation.

SNG fishing gears – Pelagic

SNG offers expert knowledge and experience in the following fisheries;
Mackerel, Herring, Horse Mackerel, Blue Whiting, Tuna, Alaskan Pollack, Redfish and Squid.

The range includes:
SWAN GUIDER TRAWLS leading the way for SNG.
SWAN FAST FLOW CODENDS – the proven No. 1 for fish quality.
SNG offers all types of gear rigging solutions.

Commercial imagery by Suzy McCanny Photography

SNG fishing gears – Demersal

Innovation, R&D, customer consultation and flume tank testing are at the core of all SNG trawls. With these core values in place SNG can offer a wide range of high quality Demersal

Trawls such as:

  • Prawn Scraper Trawls (all types), Dual Purpose Fish Trawls, Rock Hoppers with 2/4 Panel Design.
  • Seine Trawls, Squid Trawls and Double Bosom Monk Trawls.
  • Also providing a wider range of Demersal gear rigging solutions.

SNG fishing gears – Inshore

The inshore section of SNG continues to strive in its pursuit of quality products at competitive prices for its growing customer base within Ireland and the UK.

Their range includes creels and accessories, as well as Oceanflex + Extreme potting ropes, chandlery, and aquaculture components. Marine clothing and safety at sea remain the main priorities for this vibrant and expanding area of SNG.