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KROHNE Marine, as part of the wider KROHNE Group, has dedicated itself to providing the global marine industry with certified systems, instruments, and precise measurement solutions.
Our vision is to drive the maritime digitalisation and sustainability challenges by providing innovative, cost efficient and greener solutions in an age where regulations have never been more stringent.

The marine world has never been more demanding, neither more connected – and the accuracy of the information those at sea are able to draw from to safeguard the environment, but also maximize vessel efficacy, is vital. KROHNE Marine’s contributions to this need include the EcoMATE™, our vessel performance system and fleet operation optimisation software from KROHNE, that gives at complete overview and control of real-time monitoring of fuel consumption, bunkering and emission data for cost control and compliancy with pinpoint accuracy.

Beyond just regulations

The technology that KROHNE Marine offers to market has been recognized both by market leaders and regulatory bodies. EcoMATE™ was designed purposely to be EU MRV and IMO DCS compliant, but the evolvement of the vessel performance system keeps on at a high pace meeting the demands from a changing market.

As ship owners and operators become ever more engaged in monitoring their fuel efficiency and ensuring compliance aboard their fleets, KROHNE Marine has had the opportunity to shake hands with a broad variety of leaders in the field. Ship owners and operators require more knowledge on their fuel consumption and emissions than ever. We have good feedback from the market for our products – particularly for our cloud solution. The EcoMATE Cloud gives operators not just information from their own ship, but also the entire fleet.

The OPTIMASS Coriolis mass flowmeters is the answer.

Based on straight tube technology from the world leader in straight tube designs, KROHNE has developed the OPTIMASS 1400 and OPTIMASS 2400. Straight tube Coriolis mass flow meter is ideal for installing when space and footprint matters. KROHNEs straight tube flow meters offer an easy installation with the most compact envelope.

The OPTIMASS 1400 is a cost-effective twin straight tube Coriolis mass flowmeter commonly used for consumption measurement.

The OPTIMASS 2400 is the world’s highest capacity Coriolis mass flowmeter for liquids and gases. With its twin or four straight tube design, the Coriolis meter is ideally suited for bunkering operations marine industry.

The OPTIMASS 6400 is the standard high-performance Coriolis mass flowmeter for the marine industry. The twin bent tube meter offers superior performance and high accuracy in virtually any application. Its high-end options also make the OPTIMASS 6400 the optimum device for cryogenic media like Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) with temperatures down to -200°C / -328°F as well as applications involving high operating temperatures (up to 400°C / 752°F) or pressures (up to 200 barg / 2900 psig).

The OPTIMASS series feature Entrained Gas Management (EGM™) for liquid applications, providing reliable readings even in the event of gas entrainment of up to 100%. In this way, the Coriolis meter enables continuous and uninterrupted measurement – even at difficult process conditions with 2-phase flow. Thanks to Entrained Gas Management (EGM™), the OPTIMASS series maintains operation over a wide range of gas fractions and complex flow conditions. It is also capable of high turndown ratios, keeping flow velocities low and preventing the build-up of static hydrocarbons.


KROHNE Marine sustains strong relationships with suppliers and peer businesses across the value chain, from a variety of geographic locations. By delivering a single point of contact – the veritable ‘one-stop shop’ solution – KROHNE Marine has secured an efficient and valued means by which to inspire repeat business and prove its mettle to its growing array of clients. To survive in today’s marine market, one must deliver service as much as instrumentation. It is simple enough to offer a system or an instrument at the smallest price point – the true value lies in the complete package. We emphasize on the delivery of servicing and support throughout the active life of each of our clients’ vessels. KROHNE Marine operates service hubs worldwide and function not just as a supplier of technologies to shipping owners, but as consistent partners, offering services, maintenance, servicing and commissioning – that is our ‘one-stop shop’ strategy. KROHNE differentiate itself with its international reach, with a support and service framework that takes what we offer beyond solely the product.

With highly dedicated and qualified staff within areas of measurement and monitoring, KROHNE Marine has developed a strong relationship with several major ship owners, in contributing instrumentation vital to their fuel economy analysis and optimization drive.

We are renowned for our innovation, and that allows us to remain strong in the marine market and as KROHNE Marine’s presence is growing month on month together with our strong working relationship with the titans of the sea we are standing tall in the industry; alongside the giants.