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Scrabster harbour’s location as the most northerly mainland port makes it the ideal choice for vessels fishing the northern and western grounds.

Scrabster harbour, who will be exhibiting at Scottish Skipper Expo, continues to be one of the top landing ports in the UK for whitefish and shellfish, including brown crab, lobsters, prawns and scallops.  Modern infrastructure, competitive charges (including a loyalty rebate) and efficient, friendly 24/7 service have contributed to a 20% increase in box landings in 2021-22.

The fish basin which includes contains a refrigerated, 2,000 box capacity fish market remains one of the harbour’s key strengths along with the ice plant with 25 ton production and 60 ton storage capacity.

The daily whitefish market enables Scrabster to secure maximum benefit from its location. Berths suitable for consignment of fish are also located close to dedicated loading bays for onward transport of catches to customers and consumers across the UK and Europe. Also, their newly developed Ola pier offers further deep water berthing and a dedicated area for net mending and fishing gear repairs.