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Friday 12th May at 7:30pm – Douglas Hotel, Aberdeen

As the countdown continues to the Scottish Skipper Expo, Mara Media are delighted to announce that once again, the Show Reception will be held at the Douglas Hotel, Aberdeen on Friday 12th at 7:30pm.

Sponsored by Sunderland Marine, Yanmar (Trevor McDonald) and Commercial Oils (Certas Energy), the event promises to be the perfect opportunity for everyone to relax and socialise after a successful first day at the show.

Fresh seafood will be supplied by Messers J. Smith Fish Merchants, MFV Sunrise and GJ Jack Seafoods for the event – prepared by the excellent catering team at the Douglas Hotel.

The event, which will feature live music, will be open to all exhibitors and their guests on an invite basis. Any additional invite requests should be made directly to a member of The Skipper team at stand 44 on the day.

Sharon Boyle, Commercial Fishing Manager, Mara Media said, “The show reception is always a great way for everyone to come together in a social setting and enjoy the complimentary spread we put on offer. It is our way to say thanks to our loyal customers and The Douglas Hotel has always been a fantastic venue to host this event in the past. It will be a relaxed celebration of The Scottish Fishing Industry.”

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