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MLD were exhibiting in Aberdeen to introduce their MLD steerable trawl doors to the Scottish Pelagic fisheries.

MLD has developed the doors since 2016 in co-operation with Faroese Pelagic skippers and they started suppling the doors to Faroese trawlers in 2021.

Torben Søndergaard, sales manager for MLD, said: ”We are proud to be able to say we now have 80% of the pelagic trawlers in Faroe Island equipped with either manual adjustable doors or fully automatic doors from MLD.

“In Iceland we delivered the first set of doors in the end of 2021 – and have now received orders for five more after they recognized the value of MLD doors. And the first user has already decided to upgrade his manual adjustable doors to fully automatic. Also in Norway, the first three pelagic trawlers have MLD on trial. And the feedback is very positive.

“At the exhibition we re-connected with some Scottish skippers who previously have shown interest in MLD, and we expect to sign an agreement for sea trials in late summer in Scotland.”