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Polar Fishing Gear from Iceland has developed a unique fishing door for the fleet of small boats, The Pluto Doors, made from recycled plastic.

The first pair, a 1,1m² PLUTO doors were tested onboard the 12 metres FV Andvari from Iceland with very positive results.

The Pluto doors are rotomolded from plastic which gives endless design possibilities compared with the traditional steel or wooden doors. One Pluto door was made from virgin plastic and the other one with 50% virgin and 50% recycled plastic from used fishing nets. The yellow door is made from virgin plastic and the green one from 50/50 virgin and recycled plastic.

Towed at only 24° angle of attach, the doors generated a 26 metre door spread with the main engine running at 1900 rpm compared with 19 metre door spread of the Neptune doors at 2250 rpm at the angle of attach at 30°. The Pluto doors are designed to meet the needs of the large market of motorised fishing boats in the range of 8 to 24 metres.

The Pluto doors have strong environmental advantages in terms of support to sustainable fishing with use of highly advanced doors with no direct impact to the seabed to protect fragile sea habitats including reduced fuel consumption.