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On 16th August 2020, the crew of the Diamond D fishing vessel were catching prawns 22 miles off the Tyne in north-east England when they hauled a boulder, which had caught in the net.

This started to cause a rapid capsize of the vessel. Fortunately, the crew were wearing Mullion Compact lifejackets and were able to make it into the life-raft before being rescued by the RNLI Spirit of Northumberland lifeboat.

Tim Meakin of Mullion said: “I later had the privilege of meeting the vessel owner, Colin Graham and handing over two new replacement Mullion Compact lifejackets fitted with integral personal locator beacons. Colin was delighted to endorse the view, that the wearing of lifejackets with personal locator beacons should be mandatory.”

Mullion Survival Technology will be exhibiting on Stand 50 at Scottish Skipper Expo 2022.