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George Jack, owner and skipper of Fraserburgh based vessel Revival FR316 chose Micfil Ultra Fine Filters for his lubricating oil in summer 2022 to increase the length of lubricating oil change intervals on his KTA38 main engine.  He has always regularly sampled his oil and so has a perfect picture of how the oil degraded over time before installing Micfil Ultra Fine Filters.

The Revival used to change their oil every month disposing of 190 litres.  George firstly extended the oil change interval to once every two months and kept monitoring the oil analysis results.  He then extended the interval to three months and when Charles Hansard, the UK Distributor for Micfil Ultra Fine Filters visited Revival in early June, he was considering extending the interval to four months.  The Micfil Filters have preserved the quality of the oil by removing all unburned carbon and moisture build-up in the oil.

George commented: “This has been a real game changer for not only the quality of the oil and reduction in maintenance and oil costs.  It has also given my engineering team more time to dedicate to other important maintenance tasks whilst our visits to port are short.  This system is good for my engine, good for the environment and good for my business.”

Micfil Ultra Fine filters take an oil feed from the oil filter housing pass it through the filter system at the rate of one sump in volume per hour and return the oil to the engine sump.  The filters are designed to remove all particulates including unburned carbon larger than 0.5µm and all condensation that builds up in the oil.  This preserves the quality of the oil keeping the Total Base Number high and Oxidation low.  Micfil also do fuel and hydraulic oil filtration.

For further information please contact: Charles Hansard – ccthansard@micfil.com or 07968 397079 – www.micfil.com