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Marine Growth Prevention Specialists Ltd (MGPS), world leaders in supplying environmentally friendly antifouling solutions to the commercial marine industry, are immensely proud to launch their new Ultraguard commercial ultrasonic antifouling system into the market.

Having worked closely with shipping companies and vessel owners, listening to their feedback and understanding their requirements. This insight led us to the realisation that the best way we could supply the industry with what they need was to develop and build our own system and Ultraguard Antifouling was born.

Ultraguard has been designed, developed and manufactured entirely within the UK. The majority of this work has taken place within the Central Belt of Scotland. Believing in the strength of local business, MGPS also chose to source as much of the components from UK suppliers as possible.

Scotland’s industrial heartland has been at the forefront of innovation and manufacturing for centuries. MGPS has drawn on that knowledge bank and skilled workforce to design an antifouling system at the cutting edge of technology.

The system uses pulses of ultrasonic sound at various frequencies to create an environment where marine growth can’t colonise the surface and begin its life cycle. By keeping the ship’s hull, sea chests, pipework and cooling system free from marine growth, it saves vessel owners fuel and maintenance costs whilst reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Because Ultraguard uses ultrasonic technology and not biocides, it achieves all this whilst emitting zero pollutants into the marine ecosystem. The system doesn’t require a vessel to be dry docked to install it and it doesn’t use any expensive consumables such as Impressed Current Antifouling (ICAF) anodes.

Ultraguard has also been designed with a modular construction where each transducer has its own separate power supply and control PCB allowing easy maintenance and repairs if they are damaged. Ship’s staff can simply switch out the damaged component in minutes. It also has a unique memory and programming function which allows system logs to be taken and parameters to be adjusted quickly in situ.

With Ultraguard, MGPS have moved the ultrasonic antifouling sector into the future and as the only commercial ultrasonic antifouling system designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, Ultraguard has put Britain on the front line of environmentally friendly antifouling solutions.