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The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) is thrilled to once again be attending the annual Scottish Skipper Expo – an opportunity for surveyors to meet fishers from all across the country.

More importantly, it’s a chance for members of the fishing community to ask questions, raise concerns, and continue conversations with the MCA about safety in the maritime industry.

From getting clued up on how your vessel can pass its inspection, to learning everything you need to know about personal floatation devices, the expo enables fishers to connect with the MCA and discuss everything safety and regulation.

Fishers can learn about the latest safety changes and tools including the MCA guidance app – a service providing those working at sea up-to-date safety advice, checklists and important resources.

The expo has been a great place in previous years for the fishing industry to network and socialise, and the MCA is looking forward to returning for another year.

Dave Fenner, fishing vessel safety lead at the MCA, said: “Last year’s expo was a huge success, and we’re looking forward to once again talking to industry direct about fishing and safety.

“Events like the expo mean we can engage with fishermen about their work, our work, and the latest safety changes and procedures. This year we’re keen to continue a dialogue with fishers about vessel inspections and kit onboard, as well as introducing them to our guidance app.

“Events like the expo allow us to have these important conversations with fishers and respond to their feedback and needs as much as we can. We want to work with fishermen now and in the future to make the industry more safe.”