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28 February 2022, Irish Commercial Charter Boats (ICCB), Dublin’s leading boat charter company, has commissioned “Ros Aine” in a `market first` for offshore vessel design that fits high performance diesel outboards to meet offshore operators’ calls for more manoeuvrable and versatile vessels. 
The 12m landing craft is powered by 2 x 200hp OXE Diesel outboards supplied by Proteum, the UK & Ireland distributor for the OXE range of engines, to serve ICCB’s expanding operational requirements in the growing offshore energy, transportation and aquaculture sectors.   “Ros Aine” can carry loads up to 4.9 tons, providing time management and fuel savings, while OXE’s high torque delivers sufficient power to manoeuvre under high loads and at low speeds. 
The wide availability of diesel gives “Ros Aine” the versatility and extended range to operate in remote locations.  Diesels also have lower life cycle costs as they can be operated for longer than petrol equivalents between service intervals. If stricter emission goals need to be met all OXE engines can run on Hydrated Vegetable Oil (HVO), which reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 94.2%. 
Owner of ICCB, Eoin Grimes, commented “We have carried out the first contract charter with “Ros Aine” accumulating 125 hours.   The potential for the OXE in Ireland is huge within the commercial and aquaculture industry, we are happy to have adopted the OXE early on and are already seeing the benefits”.
Neil Taylor, Proteum’s Head of Sales, said, “Ros Aine” represents a major breakthrough for OXE into the offshore sector where it has significant advantages, especially in remote regions where it has been proving its value for some years serving inshore salmon farms”.  
OXE is the world’s first high performance diesel outboard built for commercial users and is making significant market penetration worldwide due to the rugged, robust and reliable design.  They are available in 150hp, 175hp, 200hp and 300hp options.
Proteum will be present at the Irish Skipper Expo from 25th-26th March 2022, Stand 03.  The Proteum team will be joined by Eoin Grimes, ICCB, on 26th March; he is going to be available to talk through his journey commissioning “Ros Aine”.