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LSM Pumps has for years produced large fishing pumps, such as the LSM-100, LSM-125, LSM-150, and the LSM-200 for the fishing industry worldwide, mostly in the Nordic countries like Poland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, and Iceland.

These countries are developing within the fishing industry and are continually building new factories. LSM has also produced fishing pumps for Chile, Peru, South Africa, the Dominion of Newfoundland, and Morocco.

LSM can deliver for both large and smaller projects, and their business partners can service customers by providing water separators, sorting plants, and plate freezers. LSM deliver pumps for pumping fish from large ships onto trucks for long distance delivery or delivery at a fishing factory. Sometimes the factory is located right by the harbour, in which case the LSM pump can pump the fish from the ship to the factory, where they are pumped into a sorting plant, and thereafter into large plate freezers.

The pump can also be placed onboard a ship to be used for unshipping. This prevents users from depending on the equipment located at the harbour and allows operators to go to any harbour. In Poland, for example, fish are pumped directly from the net in the sea onto the ship. Then, the pump is used for unshipping the fish.

For more information, or even a quotation, please contact LSM Pumps info@lsm.dk or Director Leo Sørensen phone +45 40 20 31 00 or alternatively, meet LSM Pumps at the Irish Skipper Expo on stand 36.