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The Lars Thrane LT-4100 is a great product for fishing vessels that need satellite communications but do not need the fast speeds or costs of a VSAT; with speeds as fast as 22 kbps (up) / 88 kbps (down).

The LT-4100 system has voice and data capabilities with 100% global coverage provided by the Iridium® network. The LT-4100 system consists of a control unit, antenna unit, handset, and cradle. A single coaxial cable connects the control unit with the antenna unit.

The LT-4100 will be on show at the CA Clase stand 190 at Scottish Skipper Expo.

Lars Thrane have tested the following applications and they work perfectly on the LT-4100 Certus 100 system.

  • WhatsApp text messaging
  • PredictWind
  • E-mail
  • Catch reports
  • Softvideo (video/picture compression tool)
  • SnakeBox from SnakeWays

Other Key Features are:

  • 2 x Voice Channels (high quality)
  • Single antenna cable from BDU to Antenna (up to 500 m)
  • High-performance GNSS/GPS receiver
  • Bluetooth for Private Area Network (PAN)
  • Large 4.3” TFT display supporting day and night modes ex
  • Firewall and user authentication for high level of security
  • Configuration of firewall, port forwarding, and remote access
  • Web server for configuration and maintenance