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As well as a successful show in terms of sales and orders, the Scottish Skipper Expo also marked the launch of the all-new X-trafort Bib and Braces for Guy Cotten.

Speaking about the product, Guy Cotten Sales Manager Sebastien Duvail explained, “This is our strongest and most resistant bib and brace, designed for intensely abrasive activities: creel fishing, whelks, oyster farming.

“The new fabric, the Nyl+, is used on the front. Thanks to its thicker double-sided coating, it is even stronger than the Nylpeche fabric that is used on the X-Trapper Bib and brace and traditional yellow Bib and brace.”

Reviewed by Ashley Mullinger, ‘The Female Fisherman,’ the protective gear is said to be easy wearing due to its shape and the softness of the fabric. With a double layer at the front, and triple layer at the chest and knees, it is perfect for all activities with intense abrasion.

For maximum protection, the X-TRAFORT bib and braces trousers also comes with a matching blue jacket called Agro and both products are available from the usual Guy Cotten dealers.

Check out: https://www.guycotten.com/ for more details.