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As a result of the current situation, over the past months, we have realised one way or another our readers may not be able to access our print edition. This month, logistical difficulties beyond our control have caused delays in the delivery of the May issue and for this we apologise.

Though we continue to print as normal, so as to ensure our readers continue to receive all the latest news and our original features relating to the fishing industry in a timely manner, we are giving you free digital access to The Skipper for the next thirty days, which means you will be able to avail of the MAY and JUNE issues online at no cost.

To access simply visit https://theskipper.ie/subscribe/ and click on the red ‘Subscribe to Digital Edition’ at the top of the right-hand column of the page. Choose 30 days free trial, fill in your details, and verify your email.

We understand not all our readers are on social media, while others may not be accustomed to reading their news online, and so if you think there is anyone who might miss this notice and might like to avail of the offer we would ask you to please spread the word and assist where possible.

Thanks as always for your continued support. Please take care, and if you have any further questions do get in contact.