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Fishfacts is a highly sophisticated database with fishing vessels, ownership, fishing rights and financial statements.

Exhibiting at the Irish Skipper Expo, Fishfacts has also developed its own AIS system that is specially designed for the fishing industry. Most of the biggest fishing companies are using Fishfacts, says Hanus Samró, part-owner and head of sales and communication.

Fishfacts was launched in April 2018 by Óli Samró, economist and fisheries consultant, along with his son, Hanus Samró. They are from the Faroe Islands but the company is registered in the Netherlands, where Óli Samró has lived since 2003.

The platform is based on thirty years of experience. Oli Samro published a book on fisheries management systems in 2016. How are the countries managing their fisheries? Do they use quotas? How about foreign ownership? What is the aim of their policies?

The book was written in Faroese but also translated into Icelandic and Norwegian. After the book, Oli Samro started working on Fishfacts. Instead of asking, how is it managed, the question is: who owns the fish, who is fishing it, and where?

Since Fishfacts was released a year and a half ago, the platform has grown rapidly. More than 350 fishing vessels are using the platform, including many service companies. A new feature was released specifically for the service sector in September this year, with the aim of connecting service companies with fishing vessels.

“It was a logical step,” says Hanus Samró.  “It works like Facebook, i.e. companies can create their own page, write articles, publish products and upload videos. It is also possible to search for phone numbers, companies and contact information. The service sector is integrated to the AIS system. That is why we call it Facebook for fisheries.”