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The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) is funding (via FaSS) SafetyNet Technologies’ project Fisheye. This project will fast-forward development of SNT-Cam, a net mounted underwater camera, and facilitate more trials with fishing crews. Development of SNT-Cam began in 2021 after fishermen expressed a need to see their fishing gear in situ. At present, underwater cameras have not been adopted by UK fishermen because they are expensive (>£50k) and are difficult to use. Therefore, Project Fisheye is developing SNT-Cam to be a low cost, fit-for-purpose alternative.

Already, SNT-Cam has provided value in enabling Precision Fishing. Precision Fishing requires a combination of information regarding the interaction between gear, targeted species, bycatch, and the environment. SNT-Cam will provide valuable insights into how fish behave in fishing gear, if bycatch mitigation tools are working, and how fishing operations could be optimised.


Visit SafetyNet Technologies at Stand 31 at the Irish Skipper Expo 2022 to learn more about SNT-Cam, Project Fisheye and Precision Fishing.