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At the Craemer UK factory in Telford, Shropshire, the combination of the best quality PE material injected into mould tools at very high pressure, on state-of-the-art, modern injection moulding machines, result in the finished products becoming the most durable fish boxes on the market today. With their high impact resistance and excellent load bearing capacities, Craemer fish boxes are designed for a wide range of applications. They offer significant transport cost savings thanks to an innovative construction that enables secure stacking and deep nesting. With high quality hot die printing and unique arrow marks to guide the user when nesting and stacking, Craemer fish boxes set the standard.

The Craemer Group is a long-standing family business with its factory and headquarters in Germany established over 100 years ago and the new factory in England completed after the millennium, along with an expansion site specially built to make plastics bulk containers also.

The widest standard range of fish boxes are made close to the markets in Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales and can be ordered, made, collected, or delivered directly as required. Extensive stocks are ready to print and bespoke manufacture offering a variety of colours is all possible from this production site. Next to fish boxes, Craemer also designs and manufactures high-quality pallet boxes, plastic pallets and a variety of plastic containers that can be used in many processes of the fishing industry.

Contact Craemer for more information – enquiries.uk@craemer.com, Tel – 01952 607800, www.craemer.co.uk