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This year’s Seafood Buffet for exhibitors and their invited guests at the Scottish Skipper Expo will have an exciting new-look, with the popular event being held in the exhibiting centre at the P & J Live arena in Aberdeen straight after the end of the first day of the show (from 6pm to 8pm on Friday 15 May).

It will showcase the very best of Scottish seafood, including fish & chips with a special twist.

Sharon Boyle of show organiser, Mara Media, said: “With exhibitors and their invited guests still being present at the show arena, it makes perfect sense to hold the seafood buffet straight after the first day of the show.”

The Seafood Buffet is sponsored by Commercial Oils (part of Certas Energy), Peterhead Port Authority and Sunderland Marine.

Diane Campbell of Commercial Oils, part of Certas Energy, said: “The seafood buffet provides an excellent opportunity for those attending Scottish Skipper Expo to network and socialise, and as such, we are delighted to be supporting this important event.”

Stephen Paterson of Peterhead Port Authority said: “We are delighted to be supporting the buffet, which provides a fantastic opportunity to network whilst enjoying the highest quality Peterhead caught and processed seafood.”

Craig McBurnie of Sunderland Marine said: “The seafood buffet is always one of the highlights of the Aberdeen expo and is a great social occasion that enables the industry to get together in a relaxed atmosphere. We are delighted to be supporting the event.”