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Box Pool Solutions always look forward to Skipper Expo Int. Aberdeen, and the seafood taster stand they host is, without doubt, one of the most popular elements of the show.

Managing director Gayle Graham says: “It’s our chance to say ‘thank you’ to all our customers and promote the finest Scottish Seafood.

“I have never known the stand to be so busy with queues stretching far back for most of the day or until the samples ran out – it was proving impossible to cook the fish quick enough to satisfy the demand. Our special thanks as always to the teams from Buchan Braes and the Palace Hotel, Peterhead for preparing such a fantastic spread – there were over 8,500 tasters given out over the two days.  Thanks also to Jim McConville (E2 Partnership), and Chris and Colin Anderson (Anderson Marine) for the supply and build of the stand.

“All the fish is donated from Scottish vessels and prepared by local fish merchants. It’s a real team effort that has proved to be a huge success – our thanks to everyone.”

Special thanks to the following for processing the fish donated by fishermen:

McConnell Seafoods, JH Milne, GT Seafoods, Sustainable Seafoods, J Smith Sandend, G & J Jack (FR), Enterfoods, Jack Fish Co (PD), French Fish Export, Seafood Ecosse, Laeso, McConnell Seafoods,

Special thanks to Seafood Ecosse, Macduff Shellfish and Frozen @ Sea for providing Prawns and Scallops and to J Smith & Son, Sandend for the Smoked Salmon and Smoked Haddock.

To the Harvester PD98 &Ocean Harvest PD198 for Haddock prepared by Mc Connell Seafoods, Boy John INS110&Rosebloom INS353 for Haddock prepared by Sustainable Seafoods, Harvest HopePD120 for Cod prepared by GT Seafoods, Sunrise FR359 for Cod, Ling and Catfish prepared by G & J Jack (FR), Reliance BF800 for Monkfish, Megrim and Prawns prepared by Jack Fish Co (PD) & Seafood Ecosse, Russa Tagin K193 for Haddock prepared by JH Milne, Endurance FR111for Cod prepared by Mc Connell Seafoods, Caledonia BCK35 for Megrim, Monk, Plaice and Sole prepared by Jack Fish Co (PD), Tranquility PD35 for Cod prepared by JH Milne, Budding Rose PD418 for Haddock prepared by Sustainable Seafoods, Opportunus IVPD96 for Cod prepared by JH Milne, Lapwing PD972 for Haddock prepared by Sustainable Seafoods, Aalskere K373 for Haddock (Smoked) prepared by J Smith, Sandend, Boy Andrew WK170 for Hake prepared by JH Milne, Apollo INS179 for Prawns prepared by Frozen@Sea, Evening Star PD1022 for Scallops prepared by Laeso, Faithlie FR220 for Hake prepared by GT Seafoods, Venture BF326 for Blue Ling, Black Scabbard prepared by French Fish Export, Avrella LK174 for Monkfish prepared by Jack Fishing Co, Olivia Jean TN45 for Scallops prepared by Laeso, Lynden FR151for Lemon Sole, Monkfish prepared by Enterfoods, Heather Sprig FR151 for Prawns prepared by Enterfoods, Aquarius FR95 for Haddock prepared by Enterfoods, Atlantic Challenge PD197for a very generous donation for Fishermen’s Mission and RNLI.