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Your best alternative for ship repairs & conversions in Spain

ASTANDER together with ASTICAN are two experienced and fully equipped sister shipyards in Spain. Both yards are specialised in maintenance, repairs and any type of conversion and upgrading projects on all kinds of ships, fishing vessels included.

The special needs requested by fishing vessels and fishing vessels owners match perfectly with the yard’s capabilities and the way business is understood by both Astander and Astican.

A very strong commitment to customer satisfaction results in a large number of repeating clients, due to the policy of the Group based on promptness, skill approach, fair play, flexibility and transparency.

Astander, with more than 140 years of experience in the ship repair industry is located in the Port of Santander (Bay of Biscay), on the Northern coast of Spain while Astican is in Gran Canaria, off West Africa coast.

Astican has been for years a reference yard at the West African fishing grounds for international fleets (Japanese, Korean, Russian, Icelander, Dutch, Norwegian, Spanish, Irish, etc)

Over the last 12 months up to 51 types of fishing vessels have visited the yard.

Competitive prices and unbeatable delivery times, together with a convenient location and better weather conditions than those in countries further North, present Astander as the perfect alternative to the traditional pilgrimage destinations of the international fishing fleet when the time comes for maintenance or special projects in Europe.


Major refits and other recent jobs on fishing vessels by Astander:

“ANNE RISLEY” (L: 73.4 m – B: 16.6 m – GT: 4,475) and “BELLE CARNELL” (L: 73.4 m – B: 16.6 m – GT: 4,338) (Clearwater Seafoods LP – Canada).
Modification of 2 PSVs into 2 state of the art Clam Harvesting and Processing Vessel.

“AVATAQ” (L: 82 m – B: 18 m – 4,000 GT) Aug’19
“SISIMIUT” (L: 82 m – B: 17 m – 5,041 GT) Apr’19
Predelivery drydocking of these two new building fishing vessels from spanish Murueta Shipyards for Royal Greenland AS. Main jobs carried out at Astander consisted on removal of launching fittings, final coatings, propeller polishing and other minor miscellaneus Jobs previous to official delivery to owners.

“AFRIKA” (L: 126.2 m – B: 17.5 m – 7,127 GT) (Jaczon BV – Netherlands) Jun’19
Removal of insulation, steel renewals untherneath RSW tanks, tank coating of RSW tanks, repair of propeller blades.

“AKRABERG” (L: 85.8 m – B: 14 m – 2,898 GT) (Framherji P/F – Feroe Islands) Sep’18
The “AKRABERG” has been the first vessel from Feroe Islands in the history of Astander, showing that the distance is not always such a bad thing! Main Jobs Included: Full blasting and painting of hull, decks, superstructure, and deck machinery; including zinc spray of trawl gallows frame, ramp & trawl deck. Overhauling of main engine, bow and stern thrusters. Upgrading of electronic systems on bridge and accommodation area. Pipework. Works in fish Factory.

“LOVON” (L: 26.8 m – B: 8.2 m – 335 GT) (Knollway – Irish Republic) Aug’18
Installation of a new main engine. New foundation and additional modifications in engine room were also required.

“FATHER MCKEE” (L: 64.6 m – B: 13 m – 1,499 GT) (Kavankee Fishing – Irish Republic) Jun’18
“BRENDELEN (L: 64.6 m – B: 13 m – 1,499 GT) (Brendelen LTD – Irish Republic) Jun’18
Both pelagic vessels had their bulbous renewed with new design.