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Family owned and operating for 40 years, Irish Skipper Expo 2022 exhibitor Tyson’s Ships Riggers, say they are excited to be attending this year’s Show,

Company directors Mark Tyson, Chris Tyson, and Jonathan Tyson say that the last two years have been difficult for everyone in the industry, but there now seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, and they look forward to seeing all their regular and new customers,

Tyson’s will be exhibiting all their regular products, including Gold Strand Trawl wire, which their customer Zeik Tuit describes as “excellent quality wire and the Tyson’s service is always 100%!”.

Also being promoted will be 26inch crab pots, Shamrock Polysteel, Multicolour Rope, Tyson’s Euro Polysteel, and rope and King Crab rope. Customers Christopher and Anthony Harley, say: “Tyson’s King Crab leaded ropes are excellent quality. Their motto is ‘Trust Tyson’s’ and we have to agree.”

There will be Irish Skipper Expo special prices on all the above. Tyson’s also look forward to displaying their ancillary products, including twines, pot netting, trawl netting, Showa gloves, fish baskets, and much more from their ever-expanding online store. Visit https://www.tysonsriggers.co.uk/online/ for more details.

Chris Tyson says: “Since the last expo, we have expanded our warehouse and created our layby system in which Skippers can forward plan their orders.  This system allows our customers to order ahead of time their trawl wires and combination sweeps which will then be kept in stock in our warehouse until required. This should give skippers peace of mind that when their wire and sweeps are coming to the end of their working life, they don’t have to wait for their wires to be produced, and that they will be there ready to be despatched immediately for their next trip saving them valuable time and loss of earnings. We look forward to seeing you on stand number 50.”

For more information: Jonathan Tyson UK Office 01472 347065 Ext 1 or Mobile 07843 557496, Chris Tyson UK Office 01472 347065 Ext 2 or Mobile 07590439471